Patient Stories

I am Giselle and this is my story…

“On March 31, 2017 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, a diagnosis that changed my life as well as my perspective, my thoughts, my character and my whole being. I felt fear, anxiety, emptiness, pain and sadness as I did not know where to go or how to find care. One day my friend got me in touch with Dr. Humberto Caldera who is part of the Project Access program, and that is when my blessings began. I am grateful that Project Access has given me all their support during my recuperation process as well as the immense help from my doctors.

Now I can say that I am a breast cancer survivor because of this prestigious institution that does an incredible job in searching for health specialists who by their good will save lives like mine.

Thank you greatly Project Access for your efforts, for making me feel a part of you, for opening up so many doors and for your great gesture in helping more people have hope for life.”