Health Coverage Screenings

Everyone deserves to ask for help — and receive it.

Often, the hardest part is asking for help. Our Care Coordinators offer a thoughtful screening process to determine best options for health access and related community supports.

Then, they can connect you with the most appropriate service providers, resources, and specialists. You’ll find local assistance, but also learn which programs you might qualify for at the state and federal levels. And, of course, we’ll also help you enroll for those programs when the free screening process is complete. Once you reach out to Project Access, we make it as easy as possible to access the help you need.

Everyone deserves a health care support system.

Cost shouldn’t be a barrier to safety, comfort, and peace of mind. If you’ve recently lost access to health care due to a change in employment or other economic hardships, you don’t need to sacrifice the services and treatments that keep you well. Connect with Project Access to learn about qualifying for care through our networks, and we’ll ensure that you have the support and resources to follow through.

At Project Access, we care about your health. Please don’t wait until it’s too late.

Too many people wait until a condition is critical to seek medical attention. Sometimes, that’s because they believe they won’t be able to afford the necessary care. Often, it’s because they don’t even know where to start looking. At Project Access, we eliminate the guesswork and directly connect you with access to health care resources from a wide network of providers.

Make an appointment for your free screening today: Call 561-433-3940