Workforce instability impacts the income level or employment status for millions of Americans. That often means losing health care services and support when it is needed most.

You can help! Make a difference by offering a hand-up to vulnerable individuals. Support their access to health care resources, as well as doctors and allied health professionals.

Here’s what we’ve accomplished

This is only possible thanks to generous donors like you. What is possible in the next 5 years, with your help?

Help create a stronger, healthier Palm Beach County by championing this important initiative.


By supporting Project Access, you’re leveraging the efforts of some of the area’s very best philanthropists and medical practitioners who volunteer their time and talent to improve life and longevity for those most in need.

Your donations provide: Hope – Equity – Respect – Opportunity – Encouragement – Support

That’s why they’re the HEROES of Project Access.

But they can’t keep doing it without you.

Please support Project Access today and join the HEROES that offer our community a healthier tomorrow.