Direct Care

What’s keeping you from achieving good health?

Project Access is here to help you overcome those barriers.

Project Access helps individuals overcome social and economic barriers in order to access screenings, referrals, resources, and medical care. After completing a free health coverage screening, our Care Coordinators can help eligible participants make appointments with our network of volunteer physicians. Direct Care is for those who meet financial guidelines of 200% at or below the federal poverty line.

A Care Coordinator can help you find the right specialist, schedule your visit, and even arrange transportation. They can provide translation services, call you with reminders, and provide additional support along the way to ensure that you’re fully prepared for your appointment.

And, of course, there is no charge to you for any services provided.

If you’ve recently lost health coverage, faced economic hardship, or experienced a change in employment status, we encourage you to schedule a free screening and learn which services you might qualify for—especially if you’re feeling unwell, or your prescriptions have been interrupted, and you might benefit from direct care.

Our team is dedicated to connecting everyone in Palm Beach County with access to health care. But most importantly, our goal is to eliminate the fear that one major illness or accident could mean losing everything.

Project Access, and our network of physicians, can offer peace of mind.
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