Additional Resources

One way that Project Access serves the community is by connecting qualified Palm Beach County residents with local resources—taking the guesswork out of receiving necessary screenings, testing, and support.

Illness often depletes individuals of energy, strength, and focus required to research their own health care resources. Concerns about navigating a complex health care network just to learn what is affordable or available to them can prevent many people from even getting started.

Project Access makes this process efficient and easy, ensuring that program participants overcome fear, doubt, and the physical limitations of their injuries or illnesses to get the help they need.

Additionally, our volunteers can help arrange appointments, transportation, and more to ensure the next steps in receiving care are just as easy as the first.

Here is some information about our current community resources and local partners.

Resource Guide

Breast and Cervical Cancer Education and Screening

COVID-19 Resources

Project Access gives residents of Palm Beach County access to equitable health care.