Community Connections

Wellness goes beyond a clean bill of health. Often, individuals need access to a holistic network of support in order to get back on their feet—especially following an injury or prolonged illness.

Thankfully, Project Access has created connections throughout the community, including nutritional programs, rent assistance, mental health support, local transportation, prescription subsidization programs, and more.

Residents might also rely on these structured social services while they’re coping with chronic diseases. Project Access orchestrates the program access and aligns the registrations on their behalf—because we know that extra calls, paperwork, and research is the last thing we’d want to spend our energy on.

In fact, most of the time, we know our program participants would just skip these critical support services if they didn’t have our team of Care Coordinators to navigate the often-complex system for them. And now, it’s an imperative part of our mission.

At Project Access, we believe that we can enhance patient outcomes by connecting them with well-rounded social support services, in addition to providing free access to health care.

After all: How can someone truly be well without affordable medications, housing security, and food on the table?

We’ve seen firsthand how the lack of these impedes recovery—and how creating and maintaining a comprehensive community directory has contributed to improved and enduring health.

Project Access gives residents of Palm Beach County access to equitable health care.