Joining the Project Access Volunteer Network (PAVN) means supporting a healthier Palm Beach County. This group of volunteers enable patients to receive care through our collaboration with safety-net clinics and specialty providers.

As a physician volunteer with Project Access, you receive:

  • Sovereign Immunity for services provided through the Florida Department of Health’s Volunteer Health Care Provider Program.
  • Up to five CME credits, every two years.
  • Complete discretion in the number of patients treated – the amount of donated services is up to you!
  • The opportunity to be part of a seamless experience for the you and the patients, because all care and services are managed through the Direct Care program.
  • The satisfaction of knowing your participation in Project Access helps reduce inappropriate ER admissions.

If you are interested in becoming a Project Access healthcare provider, please submit the form on this page or contact Angelica Cervantes, Project Access Lead Care Coordinator at 433-3940 x115 or To view our Fact Sheet, please click here.