About Project Access

Project Access has been upholding PBCMS’s vision for a healthier Palm Beach County since 2005. 

We do this by helping local residents overcome social and economic barriers in order to access screenings, referrals, resources, and medical care. Our incredible Care Coordinators also schedule appointments on behalf of qualifying participants (who meet financial eligibility criteria and first obtain specialist referrals). This means high-risk patients gain access, through our dedicated team, to our network of volunteer physicians—aka, our HEROES.

Hundreds of dedicated HEROES have donated their time and talent to the Project Access Volunteer Health Care Network. Beyond physicians, our care network includes diagnostic centers, imaging facilities, and hospitals.

Thanks to the generous support of our volunteers and community supporters, Project Access has donated more than $15 million in charitable care to more than 15,000 residents of Palm Beach County.

Project Access gives residents of Palm Beach County access to equitable health care.

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